PUTSPACE > Summer Symposium ‘Narrations, Experiences and Contestations of Public Transport in European Cities’ (Belarus)

The international project Public Transport as Public Space in European Cities (PUTSPACE) has announced its Summer Symposium, taking place in Minsk, Belarus. The symposium is focusing on ‘Narrations, Experiences and Contestations of Public transport in European Cities’. It will bring together experts, early and mid-career researchers, artists and practitioners engaging with public transport from diverse more-than-engineering perspectives to understand the public space qualities of public transport (PT). The symposium was planned to take place 1–6 June 2020, but due to the COVID-19 situation will be postponed to a later date.

The organisers position public transport at the frontline of contesting what is, can be, or should be public in the city. The symposium will have four objectives:

  • To critically conceptualise and analyse what kind of public space PT is.

  • To understand urban transformations by attending to PT as one of the most intense and contentious public spaces.

  • To offer a localised and historicised perspective on transformations of public space by examining narratives, experiences and contestations over PT in different European cities.

  • To contribute to PT-related research and practice in civic mobilisation, planning and policy.

They are also interested in the role of various heritage, nostalgia, user rights and other groups in raising concerns about public transport qualities, as well as suggesting alternative narratives and symbolic meanings that public transport systems in different cities could draw from.

Interested participants are invited to engage in inter- and trans-disciplinary debates that reach beyond a solely academic audience. The programme envisions a broad range of workshops and public discussions with the aim of improving research, communication and the activist skills of participants. It also aims to engage with local audiences.

The organisers welcome applications from scholars, artists, filmmakers, writers and practitioners alike, independently of location, disciplinary affiliation and status. The symposium participation is free of charge, with travel grants offered to selected applicants.

Deadline: 20 March 2020

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