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Santarcangelo dei Teatri is calling for proposals for the Artistic Direction of Santarcangelo Festival. The Artistic Direction contract will be for three years, covering the 2021, 2022 and 2023 editions.

First held in 1971 as Santarcangelo Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza, Santarcangelo Festival is the oldest festival in Italy dedicated to contemporary performing arts and one of the most significant in the European world of theatre and dance. The Festival has always been marked by its international dimension on the one hand and its relationship with the public space on the other. It was born at the crossroads between the two dimensions – constantly being rethought and rearticulated – that have always characterised it: an international artistic presence, and its relationship with the public space of Santarcangelo and with its citizens as a community.

The Association’s activities continue throughout the year, with gatherings and events aimed at nurturing the local theatrical culture by hosting artists in residency and curating projects designed for the local community. In summer the festival explodes for ten days in July, where the presence of artists, creations, performances, seminars, workshops and meetings contributes to the incredible intensity of the event. Santarcangelo Festival builds up a temporary community of artists, citizens and spectators, who gather around contemporary performing arts. It is a festival where creation takes place: it commissions and co-produces artistic projects; it works with national and international cultural institutions and artistic organisations; it creates a discourse on the relationship between art, the city and the public context. Over 50 years, the Festival has been directed by both artists and curators.

Artistic Direction of Santarcangelo Festival includes the following activities:

  • Managing the festival programme.

  • Managing the annual projects.

  • Managing relations with the artists taking part in the festival.

  • Defining and coordinating the festival’s communications strategy.

  • Promoting the image of the festival to the public, the artistic and cultural community, the media.

  • Managing relations with both formal and informal international networks and creating and taking part in European projects.

  • Managing relations with foreign (i.e. non-Italian) cultural institutes and art councils.

  • Taking part in meetings of the Board of Directors, on invitation.

As well as, in cooperation with the General Manager:

  • Representing the festival with local, regional, national and international public bodies.

  • Managing relations with private sponsors and supporters.

  • Drafting requests for contributions to be submitted to public and private bodies.

  • Coordinating the operations of the team.

The gross annual remuneration is set at a maximum of €40,000 per year, inclusive of tax and social security premiums payable by the subject. The Artistic Direction will have a duration of three years with effect from August 2020.

Deadline: 10 February 2020

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