Sounds of our Cities (Belgium / Spain)

Sounds of our Cities is a European cultural cooperation project organised by City of Roeselare, Dear Hunter, Aalborg University, and Idensitat. It aims to explore urban areas by focusing on the local, engaging local audiences to reflect on cultural identity in relationship with community.

Sounds of our Cities is offering a residency to 10 artists – 5 of whom will work in Roeselare, and 5 in Barcelona – to develop a project within the social context of each city. The project will be carried out during a 20 day residency, to take place during April and May 2020 in Roeselare and October and November 2020 in Barcelona. The central artistic activity of the project will be the development of two sound art exhibitions, which will be embedded into specific sites in the urban environments.

The call for projects focuses upon the urban context and certain architectures which form part of its heritage in spite of being perceived as silenced spaces (forgotten memories or places erased from official narratives that can be reactivated through collective processes). The idea is to respond with sound art pieces in several city spaces full of history, memory, and collective imaginaries, offering the viewer a fictional landscape in which to imagine different realities, while opening up a space for debate on current issues.

The call is open to artists residing in Europe. Participating artists must have a methodology and sensitivity that connects to issues such as collective memory, the recovery of voices, and the urban imaginary. 

Selected artists will receive:

  • 1200€ in fees (taxes included).

  • Production costs, or part of them, covered.

  • Travel and accommodation costs.

  • A workplace to develop the artistic project.

Deadline: 31 January 2020

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