Kunstraum Lakeside > Open Call for Performative Events, ‘Statements 2020’ (Austria)

Kunstraum Lakeside, a contemporary art space in Klagenfurt, Austria, is inviting artists and cultural practitioners to participate in its 2020 programme by submitting their own ‘Statement’. The organisers are looking for performative pieces that relate to the open call topic, ‘Format’, while experimenting with modes of representation in the visual arts in the context of an institution at the interface between art, science, and technology.

During 2020, the programmes at Kunstraum Lakeside are devoted to ‘format’ as a concept. ‘Formats are nodal connections and differential fields; they channel an unpredictable array of ephemeral currents and charges. They are configurations of force rather than discrete objects. In short, formats establish a pattern of links or connections. […] what now matters most is not the production of new content but its retrieval in intelligible patterns through acts of reframing, capturing, reiterating, and documenting.’ – David Joselit

The 2020 programme year will examine format as an artistic and curatorial method as well as a nodal configuration. Format in this sense is a structure within which artistic fields of action, research processes, investigations, media, and not least works of art enter into a spatial relationship with one another. The concept of ‘format’ involves fabrics and webs, entanglements and configurations, as well as the network as a horizon and carrier of meaning.

Three production days are available for the realisation of each ‘Statement’. These three days include both setup and breakdown at Kunstraum Lakeside. The Kunstraum will be open to the public on one of the three days. Applicants should choose the best two dates for them:

  • Statement #09: 25 June 2020 (production dates, 24–26 June 2020)

  • Statement #10: 2 July 2020 (production dates, 1–3 July 2020)

  • Statement #11: 14 January 2021 (production dates, 13–15 January 2021)

  • Statement #12: 21 January 2021 (production dates, 20-22 January 2021)

Kunstraum Lakeside will provide 1000 euros of production funding, including fees, travel and accommodation expenses.

Deadline: 23 February 2020

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