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ARTCENA is the National Centre for Circus, Street Arts, and Theatre. It was created by the French Ministry of Culture in 2016, as an open and lively rallying point bolstering the foundation and growth of circus, street arts, and theatre. It works closely with professionals from these three sectors, while fulfilling the needs of teachers, students and researchers. ARTCENA is comprised of a team of 24 colleagues and works towards its missions in three main areas: sharing knowledge and resources through a digital platform; supporting professionals via mentoring and training; promoting and strengthening the circus, street arts and theatre fields by carrying out international development projects.

Circostrada is the European Network for Circus and Street Arts, an initiative coordinated by ARTCENA and supported by the French Ministry of Culture and the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission. Created in 2003 with the core mission of furthering the development, empowerment and recognition of these fields at European and international levels, it supports circus and street arts professionals by implementing a wide range of advocacy and capacity building initiatives: boosting professional exchange and innovation, gathering information and resources, fostering continuous training and knowledge-sharing. With more than 120 members from 35 countries, Circostrada is devoted to providing fertile ground for dialogue and discussion between all stakeholders operating in the fields of circus and street arts, fostering the construction of a collective European identity and advocating for a common understanding of culture as a vector of creativity, innovation and social cohesion. 

Reporting to the Coordinator of Circostrada Network and Head of International Development at ARTCENA, the project officer's duties will be: 

- To develop materials for and coordinate the outputs of the activities of Circostrada Network

- To carry out administrative and financial monitoring of Circostrada Network’s activities

- To oversee the work of several working groups within Circostrada Network

- To contribute to the development of Circostrada Network’s project strategy

- To contribute to the development of ARTCENA’s international projects

Deadline: 25 September 2019

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