Call for articles for culture360.ASEF.org | #artsandtechnology

What is culture360.ASEF.org?

culture360.ASEF.org is an online platform offering up-to-date information on arts, culture & heritage from 51 countries in Asia & Europe. It is a website for artists, cultural professionals, policy makers and anyone interested in international cultural co-operation.

What type of articles/editorial content is culture360.ASEF.org looking for?

With global issues increasingly being cross discipline, the nexus between arts, science and technology have been on the rise as well. Artists are collaborating and raising awareness about these intersections, for instance the role and involvement of technology in the arts, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and its effect on artists, artistic freedom in increasingly complex technological systems and more.

Building on these discussions, culture360.ASEF.org is looking to commission a series of articles revolving around the topics of arts, science and technology, be it showcasing the productivity of the collaborations of art and science or the adverse effects of this mixing.


  • Writers must be a national of an ASEM member country

  • Previous experience in writing articles is necessary

  • Writers must be comfortable in writing in the English language

  • Knowledge or involvement in the Asian and European arts scene is an advantage

  • The writer will work in virtual capacity and need not be based in Singapore

Each commissioned article will be paid a fee of Singapore Dollars (SGD) 250.

Deadline: 2 October 2019

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