ALTOFEST 2019 (Italy) – 9th Edition: To give rise to a Human/Urban Regeneration

Proposals may refer to one or more finished and already debuted works. Works must be original. Subject, contents and themes of the proposals are free.
Proposals will be considered only if regarding Live Arts field (theatre, dance, performance, and their cross-disciplinary declinations). All professional artists can apply, with no distinction among nationality, language or age.

Artist will be invited to a residency to re-qualify their work, for five days. The work will be then open to the audience during the following five days.
The presence of the artist is required for the entire period of Altofest, for ten days.

Artists live and work in informal, domestic or daily spaces, and they are hosted by citizens “Space Donor” or residents who are part of the “Accommodation Network”.
Artists are involved for a total of 10 days which include the artist residency and the presentation of the performance to the audience.
Therefore, the presence of the artists is required for the entire period of Altofest, which is ten days. An active and immersive presence is necessary for the completion of the processes triggered by Altofest and is an essential part of the structure of Altofest.
Artists are required to question and re-qualify their work, taking into consideration the elements existing in the space.
During the period of residency, the artist has to involve the space donor in the process of analysing and re-elaborating the performance and keep the space donor informed about the process of re-writing the inhabited space. The experience got during the residency is shared with the audience, during the short discussions (moderate by OCr) that follow each performance.


● € 500 as a lump sum for artistic residency. The amount is to be considered exclusively as a reimbursement of the expenses that the Artist will face during the artistic residency for the requalification process of the performance;
● The payment will be made by the end of December 2019, via bank transfer, once received the receipt/invoice (under no circumstances the payment will be made cash); Under no circumstances, the payment can be considered as a purchase of the performance;
● One daily meal voucher to be spent for lunch only at Altofest “Cucina Sociale” (social kitchen). The voucher is valid only on July 4th-5th-6th-7th 2019, at lunchtime;
● Free accommodation in one of the private domestic spaces belonging to “space donor” citizen, or to a member of the Accommodation Network composed of citizens, friends and supporters;
● The care for the relation between artists and space donors or accommodation donors;
● The care of all the possible connections between all the artists and the international cultural experts. For this reason, artists will be requested to send a synthetic file (including biography, statement, works in distribution). The materials will be collected in a digital catalogue and sent to the experts that will participate in Altofest;
● The promotion of performance through the website, social network, newsletter, printed and press-related materials;
● The promotion of the activities of the artists, through social media, with the #PEOPLEofALTOFEST hashtag; along the current year;
● Altofest cares for linguistic accessibility. All the communication is bilingual (ITA-ENG).

Altofest does not cover travel costs, but it cares for agreements with several Embassies and international cultural institutions that support artists’ mobility and host cultural operators (the Altofest has a 95% success rate for mobility support with countries with which it has an agreement). 

Deadline (extended): 27 January 2019

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