Japan Foundation / Asia Center > Next Generation: Producing Performing Arts 2018 (ASEAN countries and Japan)

The Japan Foundation Asia Center calls for entries for Next Generation: Producing Performing Arts for the fiscal year 2018. They very much look forward to entries of emerging producers, presenters, dramaturgs etc. from ASEAN countries and Japan.

Next Generation: Producing Performing Arts is a program for young generation, who work with artists and connect them as wells their works with audience and society in the field of contemporary performing arts in ASEAN countries and Japan. In other words they are emerging producers, programmers, presenters, curators, dramaturgs and critics. This program makes it possible for them to see many different remarkable artistic works in and from Asia, meet local key persons, get to know what’s going on inside and outside Asia, understand various local contexts, get into professional, transnational networks and create own working relationship for near future. Through this program we wish to support the whole scenes of contemporary performing arts in Asia and connect them globally. A group of max. 10 participants will visit three festivals of contemporary performing arts, one in ASEAN countries, one outside Asia and one in Japan. At the third place to visit participants are expected to present their ideas and thoughts in any forms.

Qualification/requirements for Participants
a. Young producers, programmers, presenters, curators, dramaturgs and critics, working with commitment in the contemporary performing arts field with at least some assisting experiences, based in one of ASEAN countries (Southeast Asia) or Japan

b. those who are open-minded and highly motivated to be confronted with something unfamiliar and experimental as well as interested in transnational collaboration
c. those who are capable to find or define their challenges by themselves
d. those who can participate throughout the whole process of the Program
e. those who can communicate about their activities and visions in English

*Please note:
– This program is not conceived for established professionals
– The number of participants will not exceed 10. At least one out of ten seats is reserved for a participant from Japan.

 The Japan Foundation Asia Center provides participants with
1) international roundtrip air ticket of discount economy class between participant’s residential city and the city of platforms to visit,.
2) travel insurance,
3) accommodation,
4) per diem and
5) tickets of shows to visit
for the duration of the program.
*Please note: participants are requested to cover travel expenses between their residence and nearest airports as well as any fees unrelated to the program by themselves.

Deadline: 22 July 2018

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