CreArt Network > Residency opportunities in Skopje (Macedonia) and exhibition in Rouen (France)

The CreArt Network has currently two opportunities (residency and exhibition) for artists born or residing in in any of the cities taking part in CreArt: Liverpool –UK; Valladolid – Spain; Genoa and Lecce – Italy; Clermont-Ferrand France; Zagreb (HDLU)– Croatia; Kaunas –Lithuania;  Lublin and Katowice –Poland;  Aveiro – Portugal, Rouen- France and Skopje- Macedonia.

Among other cost, travels are covered.

Deadline: 20 April 2018 (for Skopje)

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Deadline: 30 April 2018 (Rouen)*

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* Because it is at the very core of the existence of Nos Années Sauvages, the topic of the exhibition will be the link between art and nature, the figures of the wild, the animal, the vegetal, the mineral and how they echo our contemporary society.