CURATRON Open Call - International (Sweden)

Platform has an open call for applications to exhibit in its gallery: they will be selecting 1 to 5 artists for a group or solo show within their gallery. Curatron online selection tool will be used in the selection process.

Platform has been using Curatron´s online application system since 2013 to select the artists that exhibit in its gallery. It is developed to involve artists directly in the curatorial selection process. Each artist applying for the exhibition can view the entire pool of applicants and select other applicants they would like to exhibit with. Curatron then calculates the final group from every applicant’s selection.

In the past, Platform has always defined the size of the selected group prior to the application period, but with this new round of applications they will be using a new algorithm designed to select the size of the exhibiting group. The process of applying will remain the same but the processing of the selections will be a little different.

Multi-Range Budget

Due to the unpredictable size of the selected group we have also a developed a fluctuating budget to offer each participating artist based on the size of the selected group.

For one solo exhibition we will be offering: 9,800 SEK in production costs, 4,800kr artist fee, 5,600 SEK in maximum shipping and 7,200 SEK maximum travel. For a 5 person exhibition each artist will receive; 2,600 SEK in production costs, 1,500kr artist fee, 1,500 SEK maximum for shipping and 2,200 SEK for maximum travel. See the chart below to see budgets for the groups ranging from 2 -4.

Deadline: 15 November 2017

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