3rd Visegrad–Turkish Culture Festival Contemporary Dance Exchange Project > Open call for dancers

Moving Visegrad under 3rd Visegrad-Turkish Culture Festival is now accepting submissions for a contemporary dance artist residency programme taking place in the months of September and November 2017 in Budapest, Hungary and Istanbul, Turkey.

The year 2017 will mark the 3rd year of the festival’s existence and will open doors to a collaborative approach in performing arts, focusing this time on the field of contemporary dance. Moving Visegrad will take place during the months of September and November 2017 and is expecting to extend its activities to the following year.

The project will create a fertile ground for intensification of an active relationship between the artists and the culture makers in the field of contemporary dance and provide visibility for all the participating parties. It will offer the festival an opportunity to cross borders through active collaboration and enhance both cultural exchange and audience engagement.

The festival will cover the following expenses for the participants:

• Professional fee **

• Lodging

• Per diem

• Airfare or other transportation fares to the destination of the residency

** the amount and the delivery of the monetary compensation will be agreed upon beforehand with each participating party.

Deadline: 24 July 2017

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