Casa Vecina and the Atrio de San Francisco (Mexico) > Cultural Residency (site specific)

Casa Vecina and the Atrio de San Francisco announce one Open Call to: architects, urbanists, designers and other cultural agents, based in Mexico or abroad, particularly experienced in the development of creative projects in large spatial scales; to participate in the selection process for the March-June 2017 term, by proposing site specific projects for the Atrio de San Francisco.

The residency program is open to individual and collectives (up to 2 members) whose work attain to dialogue, deepen, interact, open channels, and make bonds with communities, contexts or dynamics in any given area in Mexico City. Priority will be given to projects in Spanish, since it is required of the research to interact with any given community context of the city.

The selected Candidate and/or Collective will be entitled to receive the benefits from the Residency from the initial date of the development of the Project. The benefits consist on:

- Workspace at Casa Vecina.

- Space for mounting, display and/or presentation of Project results at Casa Vecina, the Atrio de San Francisco or other spaces provided by the Fundación and its collaborators.

- Technical and curatorial support by Casa Vecina and the Atrio’s team to the selected Candidate and/or Collective

- Community bonding, communication and circulation of the information required by the project. The production budget will be accorded by the Fundación and the selected Candidate or Collective, based on the proposal.

- Expenses in the amount of up to $6,500.00 (Six thousand and five hundred Mexican pesos 00/100) per month. If the resident is a Collective, the expenses will be of up to $11,000.00 (Eleven thousand Mexican pesos 00/100) per month.

- Travel expenses fee (roundtrip):

-For Mexican residents, up to $8,000.00 (Eight thousand Mexican pesos 00/100 M.N.) for terrestrial or aerial transportation, if necessary

-For foreigners, up to $18,000.00 (Eighteen thousand Mexican pesos 00/100 M.N.) for aerial transportation.

-For either national or foreign Collectives, the members must get the missing tickets by themselves.

- Accommodation, if the resident –individual or collective– requires it, at a place provided by the Fundación.

Deadline: 3 February 2017

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