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The OISTAT Sound Design Group (SDG) is pleased to offer free international mentoring opportunities for theatrical sound designers and sound artists and theatrical composers. The mentorships will be conducted virtually, via email and Skype in English, in one-on-one sessions for a fixed duration determined by the mentor/mentee team. The mentorship can focus on a production, a project, or skill set. Over the course of the mentorship, the mentee will provide examples of their work to the mentor for review. This will be done through electronic transfer via email, Dropbox or any mutually agreed upon transfer service. 

In order to be eligible for the program, the applicant must reside in a location that lacks opportunities for sound design education, such as professional internship programs at theaters, professional apprenticeship opportunities with working sound designers and/or university or trade school programs. Candidates who meet this criteria may fill out and submit the questionnaire for the mentorship committee.  Once a candidate is approved, the SDG will contact the candidate and assign a mentor. The Mentor/Mentee team will determine the program specifics considering the scale, scope, frequency and duration of each meeting, as well as the manner of assessing outcomes. Once the mentorship parameters have been determined, the Mentor/Mentee team will sign a letter of agreement committing to the arrangements and expectation.  Upon completion of the mentorship the mentee will receive a certificate from the OISTAT Sound Design Group. 

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