Allez culture! Support the Europeana project

You’ve probably heard that a drastic cut was made in the budget for the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) from 9 billion to 1 billion euros.

Europeana is now being asked to put the case for funding under the revised guidelines for CEF, which were issued a few days ago. Europeana is identified as an eligible digital service infrastructure in the Annex of the Guidelines but will face severe competition for the available funding from other digital service infrastructure such as e-Justice, e-Health and Safer Internet. 

We need your help to fight for Europeana's future funding.

Europeana is launching the #AllezCulture campaign. You're welcome to join!

We’re asking you to do two things:

1. Use the attached leaflet 'Europeana - The Case for Funding' in any way you can to support the #AllezCulture campaign. Translate, distribute, publish and blog the leaflet enclosed (see below) or its messages to your network and contacts, including the people you sent letters to earlier this year.

2. Use our dedicated hashtag #AllezCulture to tweet your own examples of how Europeana supports economic growth, connects Europe and makes Europe's culture available to every one - and retweet our #AllezCulture messages.

Please tell us what you have done via the #AllezCulture Facebook group - which will go live later this week - or by sending an email to AllezCulture@europeana.eu.

Knowing what you are doing means we can use your efforts to inspire others.