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Majalat Initiative > Call for National Projects 2020 (Lebanon / Belgium)

Funded by the European Union, the Majalat initiative aims at creating and promoting a space for encounter and constructive dialogue between South of the Mediterranean civil society (civil society organisations, trade unions, social movements, academic actors) and the European Union (EU). Majalat is calling for proposals for national projects in Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia. Projects must be implemented between 2 May - 21 June 2020. Project outcomes will then be presented at events in Beirut (7 & 8 July 2020) and Brussels (24 & 25 November 2020). Deadline: 10 March 2020.

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Council for Australian-Arab Relations > Project Grants Supporting Cultural Relations Between Australia and the Arab World

The Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR) supports projects that enhance Australia's economic, cultural and social relations with the Arab world. Successful CAAR projects have clear outcomes with benefits leading to greater mutual understanding and cooperation between Australia and the Arab world, on an individual or institutional level. Applications can come from Australian individuals/organisations as well as individuals or organisations from the Arab world working in partnership with an Australian individual or organisation. Deadline: 16 March 2020.

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Pro Helvetia Studio Residencies for Swiss and Arab Artists (Switzerland & Arab Region)

Pro Helvetia work with a network of organisations that can host residencies in different cities in Switzerland and the Arab region. Swiss artists, curators and cultural practitioners can apply for residencies in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia. Artists, curators and cultural practitioners from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia can apply for residencies in Switzerland. Deadline: 1 March 2020.

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Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture > Art Residency | Albalad

Art Residency | Albalad is a new residency programme in the vibrant, historical district of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Both research and production residencies are available, with residents invited to draw inspiration from a city with a deeply rooted, yet little explored, history. Residencies run from 11 May – 31 December 2020 in a series of six-week cycles. Applications are open to Saudi-based and international artists, curators, art writers, historians and critics. Deadline: 29 February 2020.

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European Cultural Foundation and Compagnia di San Paolo > STEP travel grants

Through this grants scheme, the European Cultural Foundation funds emerging artists and cultural workers of 18 years old or older in 59 countries to explore and to exchange views, skills and inspiration, create long-lasting collaborations and to instigate a positive change in their communities. STEP travel grants closed its application procedure on December 2, 2019 In line with ECF’s new 2020 – 25 strategy, the team behind STEP is currently reviewing all their mobility support tools. Stay tuned for new cultural mobility and European experience programmes in 2020. The ECF e-zine will keep you up to date (

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Mobility First! Special Open Call: South-South Mobility

Given the persistent inequalities and inaccessibility to mobility opportunities for artists and cultural professionals from the Global South, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), through its Mobility First!travel grant, and Cambodian Living Arts are issuing a joint call for mobility support prioritising South-South mobility connected to 15 Asian countries. Applications will be received and accepted by both ASEF and CLA on a rolling basis and you can expect to hear feedback about your application within 2 weeks of submission.

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Mobility Fund by Prince Claus Fund

The Prince Claus Fund’s Mobility Fund supports the cross-cultural exchange of artists and cultural practitioners. The Mobility Fund is now accepting applications for countries listed in the DAC List (please check it). The Fund is currently closed. Stay tuned for further updates.

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80 organisations sign a joint statement on the revision of the Schengen Code of visas

80 organisations from the cultural sector joined forces in a call to the European Institutions to take into consideration the specific needs of the sector in the context of the trilogue negotiations on the Revision of the Visa Code. Read this statement signed by On the Move and share it!

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Culture Resource > Wijhat (Destinations) > International mobility fund for artists and cultural actors

Wijhat (Destinations) is a program developed by Culture Resource while merging the Mawa3eed and Tajwaal programs. It is designed to serve artists and cultural actors in the Arab region by offering grants of up to 8,000 US Dollars to support travel both within and outside the Arab region, thereby enabling the grantees to present their works to new audiences and to engage in new and diverse inter- and intra-Arab cultural exchange experiences. Applications are accepted throughout the year, but there are specific times for evaluating the applications and announcing the grantees.

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Institute of International Education (USA) > New programme to assist threatened artists

The Institute of International Education announced on 26 May the launch of a programme to save the lives and work of artists who face persecution in their home countries. The new Artist Protection Fund (APF), a three-year pilot programme supported by a $2.79 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, will make life-saving fellowship grants to threatened artists from any field of artistic endeavor, and place them at host universities and arts centers in countries where they can safely continue their work and plan for their future.

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World Cultures Connect, a new international networking platform for the cultural and creative sectors

World Cultures Connect is an online meeting place for cultural managers and creative or artistic professionals to promote their work and services, discover and connect with new partners, tools and resources to support their international work. This newly launched project allows any individual or organisation to create a free profile to join a community of international artists and organisations talking about artistic exchange, global mobility and new opportunities. Join today and start connecting!

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Prince Claus Fund > Cultural Emergency Response (CER) programme (Disaster relief for cultural heritage)

The Cultural Emergency Response (CER) programme provides quick help to evacuate, stabilise or rescue cultural heritage under imminent threat of destruction or damaged by man-made disasters, natural disasters or conflict.

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UN post-2015 development agenda : final round of talks: Take action!

Check the latest contribution on targets and indicators from the collective of global networks leading the “Future we wants include culture” campaign. You can assist the collective of global networks by ensuring that the text is being sent to your country’s national negotiation team leaders and share examples of good practices linked to the proposed cultural indicators.

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OISTAT Sound Design Group (SDG) > Sound Design Virtual Mentoring

The OISTAT Sound Design Group (SDG) is pleased to offer free international mentoring opportunities for theatrical sound designers and sound artists and theatrical composers. In order to be eligible for the program, the applicant must reside in a location that lacks opportunities for sound design education. Check out the details and send your questionnaire to the mentorship committee!

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Art Basel: Crowdfunding platform for visual art projects

Art Basel has launched an exciting new digital initiative in partnership with Kickstarter, the funding platform for creative projects. Designed specifically for non-profit visual arts organizations from all over the world, the initiative will offer visibility and support for a wide variety of artistic projects, selected by an independent jury. Discover the projects and propose yours!

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