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Meeting Point: Residencies for Performing and Visual Artists 2024 (Denmark, Greece, Poland)

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MEETING POINT is looking for 6 musicians, 10 performing artists, 6 dancers, and 10 visual artists under 35 to participate in their 2024 residency programme. Additionally, selected Ukrainian participants should be able to participate in an artist-in-residency and European tour scheduled for the autumn of 2025.

The MEETING POINT project is an enriching two-year residency exchange programme designed for emerging musicians, performing artists, dancers, and visual artists. This initiative is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and takes place across four cultural centres: Herning and Holstebro in Denmark, Athens in Greece, and Warsaw in Poland.

MEETING POINT aims to foster resilience, promote social inclusion, and facilitate a dialogue among artists from Denmark, Greece, Poland, and Ukraine. The programme is crafted to address the impacts of crises such as wars and political upheavals, creating a platform for artists to collaborate, learn, and grow together. Participants will benefit from masterclasses, residencies, and collaborative performances, all while addressing critical social issues and enhancing their artistic and personal development.

The first and second year residencies are crucial components of the project, with the first year focusing on residencies in Denmark, Poland, and Greece, and the second year specifically for Ukrainian artists in Denmark. Near the end of the project, a European tour is planned to showcase the collaborative works developed during the residencies.

There are four categories artists can apply for:

  1. Music (Denmark), 13–24 November 2024. Participants will receive a fee of 1,500 EUR, accommodation and food are provided by the organiser.
  2. Performing arts (Denmark), 13–22 November 2024. The organiser provides accommodation and food.
  3. Dance (Poland), 13–26 October. Participants will receive a fee of 500 EUR, and the organiser will provide accommodation and food.
  4. Visual arts (Greece), 1–15 November 2024. The organiser provides accommodation and food.

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