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Kunsthaus Hamburg: City Curator Hamburg (Germany)

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Kunsthaus Hamburg is calling for applications for City Curator. The aim is to appoint an independent curator to lend the existing programme of Art in Public Space a contemporary perspective in terms of its content and structure and to convey it to the public via a specific artistic programme.

The position of the City Curator (m/f/x) is to be filled from summer 2024. One of the key tasks is to set up the City Curator office as a focal point for pooling, documenting and mediating various urban artistic processes. Based on these prerequisites, the appointed curator is also called upon to develop their own curatorial initiatives. Twice a year, City Curator presents its planned content to the management of the Kunsthaus.

Area of responsibility comprises the following tasks:

  • To restructure and consolidate the nationally and internationally acclaimed City Curator project and to oversee it in terms of its content and organisation
  • To enhance the experimental approach underlying the Art in Public Space funding programme and to promote innovative curatorial practices
  • To provide new artistic impetus through their own and/or invited curatorial positions
  • To integrate and communicate current discourses through public relations work and documentation
  • To develop a concept for a potentially permanent supporting structure
  • To help shape the cooperation with the Art Commission and the interlinking with the regular funding programme (Open Call) in an advisory capacity
  • To develop a concept that takes into account the existing works of art in public spaces
  • To anchor spaces for art in other urban fields of activity at an early stage, by acting in an advisory and intervening capacity
  • To advise and support local artists in the planning and realisation of projects that are created as part of the City Curator programme

The position is initially limited to five years. Remuneration is based on TVÖD 13. An annual budget of 250,000 EUR is available for the project, comprising remuneration for the City Curator, office costs, possible additional fees, public relations work and funds for the realisation of projects. It is also possible to apply for third-party funding from the Ministry of Culture and Media for the realisation of projects. The City Curator should be willing and able to raise additional funds. Travelling expenses to Hamburg for the interview will be reimbursed.


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