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Intl Jazz Platform: Workshop, Festival and Meeting (Poland)

Portraits of five jazz musicians composed into a horizontal series. Text over it announces the Intl Jazz Platform Workshop, Festival & Meeting.

Intl Jazz Platform is an artistic and professional platform for improvised music artists. It is a space for creative exchange of knowledge and inspiration, as well as for meeting peers and other actors of the music sector in Europe. Intl Jazz Platform brings together representatives of the improvised music industry – students, experienced and established instrumentalists, promoters and experts. Participants will build a network of relationships, exchange experiences, learn from each other, and share music together. Intl Jazz Platform is a creative environment for young artists, who can feel part of a larger European community and gain inspiration and knowledge from their role models.

50 young artists from Europe will be selected for 5 days of workshops in Lodz, Poland from 23-27 July 2023. The organiser provides travel costs (up to 100 euro), sustenance, a festival pass for all the concerts, and hotel accommodation.


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