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Idensitat: Transversal Aesthetics, ‘Silenced ~ Reactivated’ (Spain)

The words 'Silenced ~ Reactivated' written out in wobbly white lines like soundwaves.

Transversal Aesthetics is an Idensitat project taking place in a number of Spanish locations, and within the Valencian Region, thanks to the collaboration of the Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana.

Transversal Aesthetics aims to realise projects involving research, mediation and artistic production connecting themes with local contexts, thereby activating a variety of social spaces through the transversality of artistic practices. There have been three previous editions since 2018, each dealing with a specific. For this fourth edition, working processes will be developed around the concepts of ‘silenced ~ reactivated’.

Idensitat is interested in examining the transition between a silenced space and its reactivation, and the role that art can play in this fragile change of structure. Although sometimes perceived as simple or even subtle, a movement may contain a great capacity to ‘reactivate’ a space, a social context, or a renewed attitude in relation to the uses made of the spaces, or the activities which take place in them. Artistic practice may act as a catalyst and an accelerator for the transformation between these two conditions, crystallising and causing the appearance of an intermediate space, moving between one state and another, and generating a variation which in many cases is ephemeral and even momentary, but which is capable of modifying, of questioning, or of making rigid structures flexible.

Applicants can apply to work on this theme in one of three possible cities/contexts:

  • Alicante: a two-month residency of research and creation around the proposed theme will take place between October and November 2023. The residency will take place at the Centro Cultural Las Cigarreras in Alicante, and will be activated jointly with Idensitat.
  • València: A practice developed intermittently using face-to-face and distance activations, starting in January 2024, linked to mediation practices. This practice, linked to processes of mediation and production, will be supported by Idensitat, with the collaboration of the CCCC.
  • Benicarló: A two-month residency between October and November 2023, in collaboration with MUCBE, with the possibility that the museum itself may be the subject of work, or within the local, social or neighbourhood associative context of Benicarló with support and accompaniment from Idensitat and local agents.

The residency fees will include €2400 as artist fees, €2000 for production, and €1400 for accommodation and travel, which will be managed directly by the artist.


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