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City of Malmö: Commission for an Antiracist Monument in Jesusparken (Sweden)

Heraldic crest for the city of Malmö - two crowned griffin heads stacked on top of each other separated by a knight's helmet.

As a professional artist, you can register your interest for the commission of an Antiracist Monument in Jesusparken in Malmö.

This monument should be able to gather the residents of Malmö in a public space that is about them, their history, and their place in the city. The commission entails a multifaceted artistic expression that can consist of several artistic layers, interpreting and taking into account both the location and the different aspects of the Antiracist Monument project.

The monument should serve as an active reminder – today, historically, and into the future. Significant importance is placed on the artist’s practice and working process in creating an artistic process that becomes part of an ongoing commemorative effort, where the residents of Malmö can have agency in the process. Relevant to the commission is an artistic practice that addresses issues relevant to the Antiracist Monument project, such as antiracism, resistance, and commemoration.

Three artists will receive a 100,000 SEK (~8500 EUR) fee to produce an initial sketch during the shortlisting process. The final selected artist will have a budget of 2,500,000 SEK (~212,000 EUR) excluding VAT to cover all artistic design costs during the implementation period (March 2024 - September 2025).


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