Safar Youth Mobility Fund (for travel within Arab world)

Safar and Istikshaf are Arabic words for travel and discovery. Both initiatives derive their momentum and direction from the wide concept of learning through mobility and, as such, aim to help youth pursue a healthy process of growth that permits them, and hence their communities, to develop their own unique experiences and knowledge. Safar and Istikshaf also provide youth with the space and opportunities to pursue their own learning paths. Both initiatives aim on the long run to contribute to building a culture of learning, initiative and inspiration within the Arab World. While Safar focuses on youth involved in community initiatives within the Arab countries, Istikshaf gives special attention to artistic mobility in the Euro-Arab region.

Safar and Istikshaf provide various learning and travel opportunities for youth through the following components:

• Travel Grants for Arab youth aged 15-35 years to travel to another Arab country to learn from a workshop, conference, meeting, seminar, apprenticeship, internship, joint project, or an exchange visit. 

• Online database and guide to travel that can inspire young community activists and artists to search for innovative community based learning opportunities.

• Istikshaf II encompasses a series of activities to mobilize alumni, work with the various stakeholders to promote and advocate for mobility as a tool for learning, and implementing local and regional initiatives to bring greater awareness to the benefits of learning through mobility. This 30 month project is in partnership with the Roberto Cimetta Fund in France and the International Association for Creation and Training (I-ACT) in Egypt, and is funded by the European Union.

• Research, documentation, evaluation of, and reflection on mobility, through various tools including a regular evaluation of the impact of mobility using several key mobility operators’ experiences and discussing them in an annual Symposium. www.safarfund.org- Email: info@safarfund.org