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Espacio Inestable (a performing arts venue in Valencia) and BenAmil (a rural artists’ residence in the Valencian mountains) are organising the first call for the (2+2)2 project. This project will offer four creative residencies aimed at national and international dance and circus proposals for artists from outside the Valencian Region. Circus residencies take place 3-9 September 2021 and dance residencies from 22-28 November 2021.

The aim of this project is to support the development of dance and circus projects by providing artists with some resources to foster their work: firstly, a working space in the middle of nature, in BenAmil, a farmhouse located in the Valencian town of Enguera; secondly, a venue to show a short extract of their work in process, as part of the CICLE MIGRATS organised annually by Espacio Inestable in the city of Valencia; and lastly, financial support.

The project offers residents the following resources:

  • Accommodation for a team of maximum 3 people during 7 days in BenAmil.

  • All meals included (up to a maximum of 200 euros).

  • Contribution of 1500 euros.

  • Participation in the CICLE MIGRATS 2021 programme in Valencia.

  • Possibility of carrying out a rehearsal open to the community of Enguera during the residency.

This call is aimed at national and international dance or circus artists or companies – local artists from the Valencian Region are excluded – and with an artistic proposal to be developed. The artists team involved during the residency must not exceed 3 people.

In addition, the project must not be at an early stage of creation in order to show an extract of the work in progress (15-20 min) as part of the CICLE MIGRATS programme.

Deadline: 3 April 2021

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