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Innopraktika & Russian Seasons School is an international education project aimed at acquainting foreign art students with Russia and promoting intercultural dialogue between representatives of different countries, artistic views, and aesthetic traditions.

There are two sessions:

A Choreography Session taking place at the Boris Eifman Dance Academy in St Petersburg. This will be split into two laboratories – a choreographic laboratory and a performance laboratory – running 1-21 July 2021. The participants will then present a joint performance within the framework of the Innopraktika and Russian Seasons School Festival in Sevastopol from 23-25 July 2021. The session is open to professional choreographers and ballet dancers.

A Music Session (vocals, composition, conducting) taking place at Rimsky-Korsakov
St. Petersburg State Conservatory from 1-21 July 2021. The best students will take part in the Innopraktika and Russian Seasons School Festival planned to be held in July 2021 in Crimea. This session is open to professional musicians involved in performing, research, teaching.

The sessions are open to participants aged 21-35, except for the performance laboratory which is for ages 18-30.

The programme covers:

  • Visa costs.

  • Round-trip tickets to St Petersburg and airport transfer.

  • Accommodation and full board expenses during the session.

  • Educational and cultural programme expenses.

  • All work materials.

Deadline: 5 April 2021 (Choreography Session) & 15 April 2021 (Music Session)

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