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The ongoing restrictions on face-to-face meetings and international travel pose challenges for the Pina Bausch Fellowship, as it particularly focuses on international exchange and direct contact between grant holders and their cooperation partners. Therefore, the Kunststiftung NRW and the Pina Bausch Foundation have decided to announce a digital fellowship for 2021.

Interested applicants can apply with a virtual cooperation. Applications based on physical encounters cannot be considered this year, as it is not possible to anticipate the development of the different international restrictions.

The adapted format gives grant holders the opportunity to test how exchange and artistic development can be realised in the digital space. Through virtual exchange with self-selected cooperation partners, they can immerse themselves in intensive artistic processes. The digital format can be designed individually by the applicants and their cooperation partners.

The duration of the 2021 virtual fellowship depends on the self-developed format. Unlike in previous years, in 2021, five fellowships are going to be funded with a lump sum of €5000 each. Due to the exclusive digital format, no travel will be supported.

The fellowship is promoted internationally and aims at single artists in the fields of dance and choreography. Dancers and choreographers, who meet the personal requirements can apply.

Deadline: 15 March 2021

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