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<< During 4 residency weeks of psychological research, in a remote location in Thailand, 12 women from different countries create together a series of artworks and performances that will be part of the Bangkok Biennial programme during 3 nocturnal exhibitions.

Being enclosed in one’s body & mind is the topic that unites us recently. Will we choose to live in silence? Will we choose to speak real words and make contact with other womxn who all share a war against the tyrannies of silence? "The Enclosed Garden" is the metaphor guiding the artists who join the project; it is a space inside of you that you choose to share with others.>>


=> flights covered
=> state hotel quarantine covered
=> insurance COVID covered
=> PCR tests covered
=> accommodation covered
=> perdiems covered
=> workshop free of charge
=> material for creation covered
=> exhibition fees 600€ / 21600 Bath


— Available for 1 full month in Thailand
— Women of any age
— You are comfortable working in English
— Women from any country

PLEASE NOTE - currently Thailand has unfortunately closed its borders to citizens from Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Mexico, Taiwan, China, India and the organisers unfortunately cannot consider your application if your passport is from one of the above countries....

- All forms of art [ including painting, drawing, illustration, collage, multimedia art, photography, poetry, installation, polyphony, dance, performance, sculpture, sound design, textile art as well as social activism, education, therapeutic practices ]

Deadline: 12 February 2021

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