Cultural Adaptations > Artist Bursaries for the Cultural Adaptations Conference (Online)

The Cultural Adaptations conference, taking place online from 2-5 March 2021, will provide artists with some unique opportunities for professional development and networking over four afternoons (12pm – 5.30pm GMT) of interactive and practical sessions showcasing innovative and creative approaches to solving complex climate challenges.

Cultural Adaptations are offering 10 professional artists/creative practitioners with an interest in working in different sectors to achieve social/political change the opportunity to be supported to attend and participate in the conference through a small bursary programme.

The bursaries are €300 each and the organisers feel they are particularly relevant for creative practitioners working as ‘embedded artists’ in non-arts contexts, or those leading or participating in projects on climate change and climate change adaptation.

The Cultural Adaptations partner organisations are keen to embrace the opportunity provided by the coronavirus pandemic to extend the reach of the project and its outputs and to widen participation in the conference to EU countries and regions outside of North-West Europe.

Thus, the bursary programme is open only to practitioners in European regions with a GDP per capita under 75% of the EU average. Broadly speaking this includes Eastern European countries and some regions of Portugal, Italy and the UK (see the full post for more details).

Registration opens on 12 February 2021 and will  be closed the form once the maximum number of eligible applications has been reached.

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