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YET TO .COM(E) is a virtual residency programme that will invite six interdisciplinary artists to collaborate in artistic dialogue and to practice with another artist. The programme establishes three distinctive virtual residency incubators where two artists can live, brainstorm, and dream about a common future through their unique artistic lenses.

The residency is open to artists of all disciplines who are based in Argentina, Iran, USA, France, Switzerland, and Germany.

In this current pandemic, we are left with a tension between global and local concerns. The present feels dystopian. The future is unknown. As such, YET TO .COM(E) believes that sharing a virtual creation space is needed to transgress individual isolation. In spite of all the challenges we face today, YET TO .COM(E) seeks to break down artistic barriers by playfully and experimentally engaging in the digital sphere.

YET TO .COM(E) is made possible by the international partners, Espace Croisé (FR), LODO (ARG), Work it Out (CH/DE), and Re-Connect Online Performance Festival (Internet). All four partners are engaged in digital and physical performance activities. Their curatorial practice is shaped by working in proximity over distance: fostering a sharing of resources as well as collectively devising intercultural and interdisciplinary methods for participatory interventions.

Each of the six selected artists will receive a grant of 700 euros. The residencies will take place between January 2021 - April 2021 (time frame agreed within the availability and needs of the collaboration teams).

The coupled artists will be provided with adequate virtual resources to facilitate the exchange and mentoring by the partners during the process of the virtual residency. During the creation process, the partners will make the artists’ work available to the public in different virtual formats (e.g. insights, interventions, interviews, and broadcasted studio visits).

Each residency will lead to an outcome. The form of the outcome will be shaped by the individual discipline of the two artists, their common project, and the partners (e.g. online performance project, installation, live lecture-performance, etc.).

Deadline: 5 December 2020

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