HoME > Artists Sought for Interdisciplinary Sound Installation & Performance (Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Spain)

HoME is an oral history-based art project created in the frame of a cooperation between four European new music organisations based in four countries: Hungary, Austria, Serbia and Spain. Its centerpiece is a small, portable house-shaped installation able to process and sonify data that will be collected during simple storytelling actions involving the participation of individuals from diverse local communities. Twelve emerging artists coming from different art disciplines (or genres) will engage in an interdisciplinary process resulting in the creation of a series of collective works based on the collected materials during the first phase of the project.

HoME are looking for cooperating artists in three categories:

  • Composers with an academic educational background, knowledge of the repertoire of new music genres and the capacity to work with notated music in order to compose for chamber ensembles.

  • Composers active in underground or popular electronic music scenes (all genres that use electroacoustical tools) and who work with progressive musical ideas. They should have basic knowledge of programming and use of softwares aimed at real time sound processing (such as MAXmsp, PD, SuperCollider, Ableton Max4Live etc.)

  • Artists from all art disciplines in particular visual arts and performance, who can demonstrate experience or clear interest in interdisciplinary and participatory practices to work towards the creation of a sound installation and multidisciplinary performance.

Applications are open to people with residency in one of the partner countries, with a high level of proficiency in the local language, and fluency in English.

HoME offers:

  • Fair artist’s fee.

  • Workshops.

  • Support material.

  • International network.

  • Artistic and technical support.

  • Costs of travel and accommodation incurred during transnational activities.

Timeline for the project:

  • Spring 2021: Residency in Hungary for the artists involved.

  • Summer 2021: Tour of the HoME project in four partner countries.

  • Autumn 2021: Residency in Serbia for the artists involved.

  • January – October 2022: HoME exhibition at New Music festivals.

  • October – December 2022: Creation process of the HoME performance.

  • January – October 2023: HoME performance at New Music festivals.

  • October 2023: Publication of the online database, documentary screenings.

Deadline: 15 December 2020

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