A Tale of a Tub > Open Call for Exhibition Proposals 2021 (Netherlands)

A Tale of A Tub has announced the open call for the second edition of their summer exhibition series, aimed at facilitating exhibition projects conceptualised within the context of Rotterdam. The open call is defined in collaboration with CBK Rotterdam and is aimed at exhibition proposals by international curators at all stages of their professional careers for an exhibition to take place at A Tale of a Tub in the summer of 2021. The organisers understand the position and role of the curator broadly, and warmly welcome proposals by artists, designers, theorists, architects and practitioners from different fields of inquiry, excluding proposals conflating roles for the sake of self-representation.

This open call is part of A Tale of A Tub’s longstanding commitment to foster dialogues between artists, international curators and cultural (art) practitioners to work in the context of Rotterdam. They are looking for proposals that are context-responsive, seeking their inscription into the cultural and socio-political backdrops against which Rotterdam is posited, and establishing meaningful connections between artists and audiences in relation to the diversity of living and working practices the city includes. In so doing, the curator of the selected exhibition proposal will be invited for a brief working period in Rotterdam in the beginning of 2021, to conduct studio visits and familiarise further with the city’s fabric and cultural institutions, prior to and in preparation for a more grounded exhibition project taking place from July onwards.

The open call platform is devised to provide the opportunity for a curator to develop a project benefitting from the resources, support, guidance, promotion, and infrastructure made available for similar exhibitions at A Tale of A Tub. The budget for the exhibition will be set between €15,000 and €20,000 – depending on the projects’ scope and the need for additional fundraising – to cover the curator and artist fees, travel and accommodation for the invited curator, production and material costs, as well as funds for advertisement, documentation, promotion and public programming.

Deadline: 15 January 2021

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