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To foster and accelerate the exchange of artistic research and collaboration between contemporary artists and/or (social) designers based in the Netherlands and Japan, Baltan Laboratories and Arts Initiative Tokyo have initiated a new online residency programme. In this duo residency, a participant from each country will interact, collaborate and communicate with one another and pursue collaborative work.

Due to the impact partially driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, most events during this six-week residency will take place online. With this renewed format, the organisers would like to challenge individuals and organisations to alter familiar forms of ‘artist-in-residence’ with renewed ambitions and ideas. At the same time, they believe this online programme will open up new possibilities to reach out to the world in unorthodox ways and inspire artists and artist collectives, who may otherwise have experienced difficulties traveling, to take part in the initiative.

Baltan Laboratories and AIT offer a (liminal) space for participating artists to explore, discuss, and reorient ideas, thoughts, and actions. With support from the two organisations, the participants will collaboratively work in a pair to conduct artistic or design driven research in their home countries on behalf of one another. A bi-weekly online meeting will gather selected artists and organisations to exchange their process and ongoing dialogue. At the end of the residency period, the collaboration will be concluded with an e-public event to unfold the artistic path developed, while welcoming a wider audience beyond the two countries. The first introduction meeting between the selected participants from Japan and The Netherlands is planned on 7 December 2020.

Baltan offers a total estimated fee of 4000 EUR for the Dutch participant. This includes the artist fee, domestic travel, shipping, etc. The Japanese participant will receive a 150,000 yen artist fee, a 150,000 yen research grant, domestic travel expenses up to 50,000 yen and domestic accommodation coverage up to 84,000 yen.

Deadline: 15 November 2020

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