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What articles are we looking for? 

Well over 9 months into the global pandemic, we would like to know how Covid-19 has impacted the arts and culture sectors. We are particularly interested in commissioning case-study based articles that identify stories of resilience, adaptation, and success in the following 3 areas: 

  • Artists’ residencies: with limited mobility, artists residencies have been heavily impacted by the pandemic. How have residency spaces reacted to the situation and found alternative ways to provide collaborative spaces and platforms for learning and training?  

  • Arts & disabilities: how have differently disabled artists and arts organisations been impacted by the pandemic and how have they adapted?  

  • Funding in the arts in times of pandemic: with limited artists’ mobility and opportunities to meet and collaborate, where are funders directing their support? Has there been a shift towards new areas of funding for the arts or simply a reduction of the same?  

Each commissioned article will be paid a fee of Singapore Dollars (SGD) 200. 

Deadline: 5 November 2020

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