Jiwar is looking for VISA rejection experiences in the Mediterranean region

Jiwar is looking for artists’ VISA rejection experiences, specially Mediterranean artists rejected by European and  Mediterranean countries.

The collected data will be part of a digital review published in Catalan, Spanish and English devoted to the Mediterranean region . Revista Idees, 51.

Jiwar wants with these experiences to contribute to understand how political and bureaucratic decisions have an strong impact on the artists’ careers.

You have two ways to collaborate:

WRITING: Experiences can be written in English, French or Arabic. The organisers want to reflect the impact of VISA rejection in the artist’s career (between 250-450 words). Please, sign the text with your first name and the city or region from which you are writing.

AUDIO: Audio in English, French or Arabic, you can send it by e-mail or write us to send us a what’s up. We will give us a phone number. Please, say your first name and the city or region from which you are talking.

Deadline: 6 November 2020

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