Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville > Artwork Commission for Duval County Courthouse Plaza (USA)

The City of Jacksonville seeks an artist team to transform the 3-acre lawn at Duval County Courthouse into a large-scale work of public art. The vision is that the Plaza should be 'a safe active urban park with multiple spaces for small events, free speech and sculptures'. The entire plaza is envisioned as 'a dignified, memorable and iconic work of art with artist-designed elements such as earth berms, pathways, bollards, shade structures and lighting'.

The final commission will be delivered by a team, but initial applications must come from a lead artist. Lead artist eligibility:

  • Successful experience creating artwork across landscapes, plazas or similar sites.

  • No geographic limits but total travel costs will be limited in the final contract.

  • The lead artist can be any relevant profession - visual artist, architect, landscape architect, engineer - but must be recognized for the artistic excellence of their professional work.

  • The project is open to artists 21 years and older, who are not a student in a formal degree program, and who have been practicing artists for more than three years.

An initial phase will see three finalists granted $15,000 each to develop a full design proposal for March 2021. During this design phase, the lead artist must submit a full team of engineers, landscape architects, contractors, fabricators, etc. The full team qualifications will be evaluated with the design proposal. One proposal will then be selected for delivery by June 2022.

The total budget established for project implementation is $500,000. The budget includes all costs to the artist team including art fees, professional fees, construction documents, fabrication, insurance, site construction, shipping, travel, installation, photography, etc.

Deadline: 22 September 2020

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