Chemnitz European Capital of Culture > AIR Modernism Residency for Artists from Wroclaw, Chemnitz and Tbilisi (Poland)

AIR Modernism is an international artist residency project that seeks to network Polish, German and Georgian arts and cultural institutions and professionals. Chosen residents will have the opportunity to conduct a field study, based on which they will create their own research/artistic notes. The residency is dedicated to those working in visual arts/design/architecture/science and gives them the opportunity to live and work in Wrocław (2020), and in the future to visit Chemnitz and Tbilisi. Applications are invited from artists living, born, studying or creating in Wroclaw, Chemnitz, or Tbilisi.

This international, collaborative residency project focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to modernism. The aim of the residency is to map how Wroclaw, Chemnitz and Tbilisi reflected pan-European ideas, i.e. modernism. What was their status in the past and what is today, and how have changes in time and space (East / West) influenced modernism and its perception?

The residency will take place in Wrocław (Poland), 15 September – 15 October 2020. The organisers provide:

  • Accommodation in Wrocław.

  • Per diems to the amount of EUR 600 gross.

  • Coverage of travel expenses.

  • Production budget of EUR 200 gross.

  • Experts programme.

  • Substantive, networking, production and promotional support for the project.

Deadline: 20 August 2020

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