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The Nave is a one of a kind art space – not exactly a traveling theatre, more a traveling art piece. Created and realised by the Italian group Gommalacca Teatro in 2019, during the development of AwareLa Nave degli Incanti, a co-production with Fondazione MateraBasilicata, the Nave is 27 meters long, 8 meters high, 2.5 meters wide and weighs 16 tons. It’s permanently installed on 2 semitrailers, which can be moved by two tractors.

Now, Gommalacca Teatro are making the Nave available as a place of artistic residence and performative, visual and digital art experimentation. The planned residency will last 2 weeks, 14-27 September 2020. Residents will have a chance to work on their own project as well as collaborate with Gommalacca - and perhaps forge long-term connections.

Residents are offered:

  • Access to the Nave, as well as two other work spaces.

  • Technical support (to be agreed).

  • Plot/storyboard consultancy from Gommalacca.

  • Roundtrip, mobility all over the region.

  • Accommodation.

The call is open to artists (theatre, music, dance, visual arts) cultural operators, and collectives with a project. 

Deadline: 25 August 2020

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