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Het Nieuwe Instituut has pioneered research in architecture, design and digital culture since its foundation in 2013, fostering programmes, exhibitions, lectures, archival investigations and publications in the Netherlands and internationally. Through its annual Fellowship programme, Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Research Department acknowledges and gives visibility to research projects offering departures from established modes of thinking. This year the open call for fellows focuses on the theme ‘Regeneration. New Institutional Practices’. Following previous calls on the body’s burn-out (2018) and planetary exhaustion (2019), the 2020 programme invites collectives to take current conditions of burn-out and exhaustion as a point of departure to generate forms of collective organization and action.

The call is an appeal to reimagine the protocols, collective decision-making processes, forms of care, working ethos and financial structures of institutions. It welcomes initiatives that make explicit unacknowledged logic and consent mechanisms, as well as the often abstract and invisible forces and relations that traverse the social spaces of institutions.

Het Nieuwe Instituut offers two Research Fellowship positions for six months (from October 2020 to March 2021). Each of these two positions includes a total budget of 20,000 euros. Stipends may be subject to a withholding tax.

There is no age limit for applicants. Collectives from all places of residence are invited to apply. The fellowships are open to all degree levels in all disciplines (design, architecture and digital culture). Equal priority will be given to those without a degree or institutional affiliation who can also demonstrate a high level of creativity, critical thought and other potential in their respective fields.

Fellows are responsible for arranging their own accommodation. Fellows must be able to attend regular meetings (in Rotterdam or via video calls). The Research Fellowships will be developed through independent research and development; individual support and interaction with the Research Department team; and monthly meetings to discuss thematic and methodological aspects of the project. The selected collective will also be invited to organise a public presentation in late 2020 or early 2021, as part of Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Thursday Night Live! or other programmes.

Deadline: 24 July 2020

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