Ten Songs for a Lar > Commission Call-Out for Musicians and Sound Artists

The Kent Medway Museums National Portfolio Organisation Partnership (KMM NPO) are seeking proposals from musicians, song writers, sound artists, poets, and those working with sound to create new audio artworks to be accessioned as permanent artefacts within the museum collections. ‘Ten Songs for a Lar’ is an ambitious new commission searching for multiple audio interpretations of a bronze ‘Lar’ – a household god figurine (dated circa. 200 AD) held in the collections at The Guildhall Museum, Rochester, UK.

The commission is part of the KMM NPO’s ambition to produce artworks that encourage audiences to think about ‘What is collecting? What makes a display? Which stories are being told at museums and how?’ Museum objects, often grouped in predefined, restricted spaces sit silently, sparsely captioned, awaiting the attention of further, deeper, exploration. Museums do not just collect, care and exhibit objects; they categorise, contextualise and interpret objects to fulfil their own, and their intended audiences, requirements. The many stories behind these often human made objects, and the emotive connections they intend to make, can therefore become difficult to obtain.

The KMM NPO is looking to appoint 10 musicians or artists working with sound to create individual, thought provoking, emotive works to interpret a Lar figurine – an inherently ‘traditional’ museum object. Without the need for images, physical presence, and perhaps even words, they want to know: ‘what does this object say to you, and what stories do you wish to give voice to, and bring to life, through music and sound?’.

Successful artists will receive £1,000 per selected track (inclusive of VAT). The ten audio responses will:

  • Become permanent digital artefacts accessioned (added to) the collections of the NPO partners.

  • Be made into a physical, limited-edition vinyl record to be deposited in each of the museums partners collections.

  • Be promoted individually and as a group of audio tracks (album).

  • Be exhibited together as part of a touring exhibition/display.

The call is open to artists around the world.

Deadline: 15 June 2020

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