Making Tracks > Virtual Residency and Digital Tour for Musicians

Making Tracks brings together emerging artists from the UK and around the world to showcase diverse music, initiate new collaborations and explore strategies for music-based environmental engagement.

Due to COVID-19 the organisation has had to drastically change the way it works and develop a digital edition of its fellowship programme. The 2021 Making Tracks will have two phases: a Virtual Residency and a Digital Tour.

The Virtual Residency will take place over two weeks (29 June - 12 July 2020), giving eight selected Digital Fellows the chance to create new collaborative works, explore and develop strategies for environmental engagement, and receive professional development and career advice from a team of industry experts.

Following the residency, an extended ‘Digital Tour’ will take place over eight weeks. During the tour, Making Tracks’ new network of Digital Partners (comprising current and former partner venues, international organisations, former artists and others) will use social media to share digital content, including live-streamed performances and new collaborative works incubated during the residency. The tour will happen 'in reverse': instead of travelling to local audiences around the UK, the public will be invited into the homes of Making Tracks Digital Fellows around the world.

Musicians from all backgrounds, aged 19-35, are encouraged to apply, whether or not they have formal musical training. Although the organisers don't aim to be restrictive when it comes to genre, they’re mainly interested in music with direct or implicit connections to cultural traditions and heritage. Making Tracks is particularly interested in adventurous and collaboratively-minded musicians who double-up as environmentalists, ethnomusicologists, writers, visual artists and more.

Making Tracks is a free programme that gives selected musicians the chance to create new collaborative works, develop professional connections, establish lifelong musical friendships and receive professional development from leading industry experts. For the Digital Edition, all Fellows will also receive a modest stipend. Finally, by ensuring that participants have the knowledge and equipment (e.g. appropriate microphones) they need for live-streaming, the programme will contribute to building digital resilience further down the line.

Deadline: 8 June 2020

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