Open Call for Creativate Digital Arts Festival 2020 (South Africa)

The Creativate Digital Arts Festival, which runs during South Africa’s National Arts Festival from 25 June – 5 July, is calling all artists, technologists, futurists, animators, gamers, performers and musicians to reimagine, unravel and question our new world and submit a proposal for the 2020 edition of Creativate. The organisers want to explore the realms of theatre, dance, visual art, film, music, gaming, hacking, coding, design, robotics, virtual reality, crowdsourced inspiration, artificial intelligence and all the spaces and crevices in between.

‘Technological connection is the new normal and we must reimagine what is ‘real’, what is ‘natural’, what is creativity. What does it mean to be human, to be aware, what does it means to produce and consume? What does it mean to be watched and tracked and be infected with malicious code? Also, always be social, always be online, live through the avatar, live your best life? What does it mean to have silence… no social media envy, no late-night pings and pokes? What of the panic of no WiFi, no connection, failed servers and fatal system crashes? What does it mean to have new tools to create and connect and make the world nearer and further through online portals and physical disconnection? How does the world change when we are able to navigate alternative realities through gaming, 3D-print new worlds and experience magic-realism and alternative realities through virtual reality?’

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the National Arts Festival will this year take place entirely online. The festival is still organising its digital platform, but in the meantime invites submissions for Creativate 2020 from any one or combination of arts disciplines where the proposed work features or deploys technology as a critical component or tool for execution of the work. Successful applicants will be offered a production budget, presentation/speaker’s fee or honorarium depending on the nature of the proposal.

Deadline: 15 May 2020

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