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All sectors are affected by the Covid-19 pandemia but we are very much aware that the alternative and independent art scene is / will be particularly under pressure. This list of resources has been compiled and updated since 14 March 2020, in partnership with Circostrada*, as a way to gather information and initiatives internationally (particularly in Europe, Asia and North America) that can be useful to share, know about and/or be inspired from. 

This list is by no means comprehensive and can be easily enriched thanks to your feedback and proposal to include new resources. Feel free to email us any initiative related to one of the sub-topics below at mobility(at)on-the-move.org For information, we are still lacking references to the visual arts sector and world regions such as Africa, the MENA region, Latin America etc. 

Contents of the list (scroll down for the resources).

Some sub-sections - like the number 7 - are linked to another section because they contain too many resources - scroll down for details, or click a link below):

1. General advice

2. Mobility/travel and health/safety related information

3. Campaigns or online petitions raising awareness of the coronavirus’ massive impact on the arts and cultural sector

4. Statements by organisations/networks/foundations

5. Governmental / public bodies + private organisations: readjustments of existing schemes and/or new funding schemes (at international, European and national levels)

6. Initiatives (especially online surveys) to gather feedback from different parts of the arts and cultural sector affected by the coronavirus

7. Sector-specific information and advice

8. Pay the artists / cultural venues / organisations

9. Some news and initiatives coming from Asia

10. Articles and other resources

11. Some ideas for when you're stuck at home


Organisations with a * are On the Move's members


1. General advice: 

Mapping the coronavirus pandemic in African countries - link

The European Commission response team (health, mobility and economy) - link

Key health messages on the Coronavirus pandemia in 22 languages - link

#StayTheFuckHome - A Movement to Stop the COVID-19 Pandemic - link (EN / ES / FR/ IT / PL / PT / IT / RU / FARSI)

DIY resources to make face masks, ventilators and other open designs and p2p hardware for use in Corona response - link


2. Mobility/travel and health/safety related information: 

◊ Travel restrictions' map in Europe (community based) - link

Africa is starting to lock out the world to slow the spread of coronavirus on the continent (16 March 2020) - link

In Europe: information related to the music sector but that can be applicable to other sectors. The introduction by WBM Expertise is in French but the information on the situation in various European countries is in English - link

Safety and health measures in European countries (list compiled by EMEE) - link

Mobility to the USA during the Covid-19 pandemia - Information compiled by Tamizdat* - link


3. Campaigns or online petitions raising awareness of the coronavirus’ massive impact on the arts and cultural sector:


◊ Emergency basic income for the EU - link


Petition to support the independent cultural sector - link


◊ Corona virus - Égalité des indemnités entre tous les indépendants - link

Appel des artistes et des salariés de la culture (via la FEVIS) - link

Pétition pour le soutien des intermittents - link


Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V: Letter to the Senate Department of Culture - link

Emergency aid fund for Berlin's artists - link

Hilfen für Freiberufler und Künstler während des Corona-Shutdowns - link


To support precarious workers and freelancers - link

Appello per sostegno urgente ai lavoratori dello spettacolo - link

The Netherlands

ZZP'ers hebben óók recht op financiële bijstand na de Coronacrisis - link


Suspensión inmediata del pago de autónomos mientras dure la crisis del coronavirus - link


Création d’un fonds d’indemnisation pour les intermittent/es du spectacle en Suisse - link

United Kingdom:

Self employed to access full pay through HMRC- link

Create an emergency fund to support freelancers with Coronavirus income loss - link


Americans for the Arts and the Arts Action Fund are standing up for the arts in America during COVID-19 (19 March) - link


4. Statements by organisations/networks/foundations:


◊ European Parliament, Sabine Verheyen: “New funds must reach creative sectors immediately” (27 March 2020) - link

European Parliament (Culture and Education Committee Chair) - link


◊ RES ARTIS - link

◊ IMPALA adopts urgent crisis plan calling for urgent action across Europe - link

◊ Culture Action Europe  and European cultural networks, including On the Move, about the Creative Europe programme (20 March 2020) - link

European Festivals' Association : COVID-19 - Expressing our solidarity towards the festivals - link

Festival for Solidarity (via the Festivals' Academy) - link

ENCATC (the page includes the solidarity statement of ENCATC together with other networks / organisations' networks) - link

Culture Action Europe - link

European Music Council - link

European Cultural Foundation, calling for a culture of solidarity - link

European Theatre Convention - link

NEMO:  COVID-19's impact on the European museum sector - link

PEARLE, FIA* and UNI-MEI for the support of the performing arts sector - link

National Performance Network (USA): statement with resources - link


5. Governmental / public bodies + private organisations: readjustments of existing schemes and/or new funding schemes (at international, European and national levels)

Europe / international

◊ Government responses to the impact of COVID-19 on the arts and creative industries / Regularly updated - link

◊ Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in time of coronavirus (Europe) / Regularly updated - link

◊ European Foundation Centre > Updates of Private Foundations' funding schemes related to the coronavirus (including in some cases for the arts and cultural sector) / Regularly updated - link

KEA European Affairs: A collaborative map to track the coronavirus policy measures / Regularly updated - link

Information about grants and loans in the UK, US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy to help you get through the Covid-19 crisis, by the Art Newspaper - link



◊ Spotify Announces Music Relief Project to Combat Coronavirus Disruption - link

◊ Citizens for Europe - Online mobility grants - link

Solidarity fund for photographers, The Photographers' fund by Formart - link



European Commission (Creative Europe programme)

Latest update (25 March 2020) - link

First update - link

European Commission (ERASMUS+ programme): 

Coronavirus outbreak - deadlines for applications extended for the ERASMUS+ programme - link / link

Europe: Support in the Live Music Sector - link

Links and support provided by EUNIC - link




Measures in time of coronavirus - link


Wallonie Bruxelles International : Covid-19 : Informations sur les aides à la mobilité pour les acteurs culturels - link

Flanders - Overbruggingsrecht voor zelfstandigen (Coronavirus) - link

Wallonie Bruxelles (Théâtre / Danse) - link


How Arts Funding Is Being Affected by COVID-19 (26 March 2020) - link

Canada's National Arts Centre and Facebook will pay musicians for livestreams (19 March) - link

Putting People First: COVID-19 and the Canada Council for the Arts - link

Czech Republic:

Briefing by the Minister of Culture related to the impacts of Coronavirus for the arts and cultural sector - link


Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes network: special support in the context of the Corona epidemic - link

The Kone foundation: artists at home residency - link

Large Finnish foundations, the Ministry of Education and Culture, and Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) to set up a special fund of 1,5 million euros - link


Ministère de la CultureEmployeurs culturels face aux impacts de la crise de coronavirus - link

◊ Etat d’urgence sanitaire Covid-19 : le ministre de la Culture présente un premier plan d’action en faveur des artistes-auteurs (27 mars 2020) - link

Les réponses du Gouvernement aux difficultés rencontrées par les indépendants (dont les micro-entrepreneurs) - link

ONDA : aides en lien avec les annulations liées au coronavirus - link

Région Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur : Plan de solidarité pour le secteur culturel et associatif - link

COVID-19 : la SACD crée un fonds de solidarité d’urgence pour les auteurs les plus fragiles (via ArtCena) - link

COVID-19 : l'ADAMI se mobilise pour les artistes (via ARTCENA) - link

COVID-19 - Fonds de secours à la musique et aux variétés par le Centre National de la Musique - link

Les régions se mobilisent pour le spectacle vivant (18 mars 2020) - link

Mesures exceptionnelles de soutien aux intermittents et salariés du secteur culturel dans le cadre de la crise sanitaire (19 mars) - link

Communiqué du 18 mars du Conseil National de la Musique - link

Région des Pays de la Loire : mise en place d'un Plan régional d’urgence Coronavirus : 50 M€ pour les entreprises et le monde culturel, sportif et associatif - link

Institut français - link

Ministère de la Culture: Communiqué du 18 mars - link

Contacts - link

Aides Occitanie par Occitanie en scène - link

Adaptation des aides d'ODIA Normandie - link

Mobilisation du groupe Audiens - link


◊ Liquiditätshilfen BERLIN: Securing liquidity in the event of acute financing needs in Berlin - link 

50 Billions Euros' aid package for artists and cultural organisations (25 March 2020) - link 

GEMA: Emergency aid fund worth up to €40m for songwriters - link

Support for the arts and cultural sector by the Minister of Culture - link (DE) 

Hong Kong

1000% increase (HK$5 > HK$55 million) for Hong Kong's Support Scheme for Arts & Cultural Sector to help deal with COVID-19 fallout - link


Artist Emergency Relief Fund - link


Soutien du secteur culturel face à l'épidémie du Coronavirus - link


Malta Enterprise: Covid Wage Supplement - link


Large compensation scheme for culture, voluntary sector and sport - link


Measures to support artists and cultural institutions (18 March 2020) - link

Artists in a difficult situation can apply for social support from the Ministry of Culture - link  


Official message by the Ministry of Culture - link

Cultura cria linha de apoio de emergência de um milhão de euros - link

City of Lisbon: Câmara de Lisboa apresenta medidas de apoio às famílias, às empresas e ao emprego - link

Emergency fund by the Gulbenkian Foundation - link

Crise do coronavírus leva Ministério da Cultura a anunciar apoios ao setor (14/3) - link


Eligible self-employed Singaporeans will receive S$1,000 cash a month for 9 months (26 March 2020) - link

National Arts Council’s overall message - link

National Arts Council's provision of  a one-time Capability Development Scheme for the Arts (CDSA) - link 

S$1.6 million set aside for arts and culture sector amid COVID-19 outbreak - link


◊ Ministry of Culture and Sports: aanoucenement for support to SMEs and independent (25 March 2020) - link

◊ Government of Canaries islands - Measures in the covid-19 crisis that affect cultural businesses and freelancers - link

20 measures from the Catalonia government for the arts and cultural sector (20 March 2020) - link

10 measures announced by the city of Barcelona (18 March 2020) - link

South Africa:

Mitigation plan by the Ministry of Sports, Arts and Culture - link


◊ COVID-19: NT$1.5 billion devoted to relief, revitalization efforts - link


◊ Fonds Relance Culture - link

United Kingdom:

Coronavirus: UK government unveils aid for self-employed (26 March 2020) - link

Arts Council of England - link


◊ A New Emergency Relief Grant for Women Artists Over 40 - link

◊ Art is alive - link (with a funding section)

◊ National Endowment for the Arts to Distribute $75 million in Relief Aid to Arts Organizations in Need - link

City of Boston: Art Relief Fund - link

Initiatives in New Zealand, Singapore etc. :

Check IFACCA newsletter and website - link


6. Initiatives (especially online surveys) to gather feedback from different parts of the arts and cultural sector affected by the coronavirus:


◊ COVID-19 Emergency response in Europe in Arts, Culture, Cultural Heritage and Creative Sectors by Culture Action Europe and European Cultural Foundation  - link

NEMO: Museums in the time of the coronavirus - link

IETM (impacts of the Corona virus on the performing arts sector for members only) - link

Circostrada: COVID-19 / Circus Arts & Street Arts / Canceled & Reported Events - link

European Dancehouse network: EDN survey on the impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 on the dance sector - link (and related information page here)

European Music Council: Survey on the impacts of the Corona virus on the music sector - link

Effects of COVID-19 ("Coronavirus") on the European Culture and Creative Industries, by the European Business Creative Network - link




Wallonie / Bruxelles : Recensement des annulations de spectacle liées au covid-19 - link

By State of the Arts (EN / NL) - link


◊ Mapping of the needs of independent artists and cultural workers - link


Open petition advocating urgent help to the precarious Croatian cultural sector (with an emphasis on performing arts) - link


Undersøgelse af konsekvenser for scenekunstens frie felt på grund af coronavirus - link


Conséquences du Covi-19 sur la filière musicale en Normandie - link

Impacts du Covid-19 sur la filière du spectacle vivant en Normandie - link

Impacts sur la filière musicale en Nouvelle Aquitaine - link

La FRAAP: Questionnaire à destination des arts plastiques (associations et collectifs du secteur des arts visuels) - link

CIPAC : Questionnaire des conséquences de l'épidémie de virus COVID 19 sur les professionnels et les structures du secteur des arts visuels - link

Formulaire pour les musicien.ne.s et musicien.ne.sinterprètes - link

Syndicat des Cirques et Compagnies de Création - rescencement des spectacles annulés en raison du Coronavirus - link

Formulaire par le Pôle des Arts Visuels des Pays de la Loire - link


Monitoraggio degli effetti del COVID-19 nel settore delle arti performative nello spazio urbano - link

Coronavirus e lavoro Freelance: un nuovo sondaggio - link


Results from the sector to be shared to the Ministry of Culture and official public bodies - link


COVID-19 impact on artists in Malta > survey 1 and survey 2


Googleform to include cancelled or postponed events - link

The Netherlands:

Survey (particularly for freelancers) - link

The Philippines:

Google form to evaluate the loss of artists / freelancers / gigs and events - link


GDA promove inquérito sobre o cancelamento de espetáculos - link

South Africa:

Impact of COVID-19 on the Visual Arts Sector of South Africa - link


American for the Arts: The Economic Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Arts and Cultural Sector - link

Site designed specifically for locals of Austin, Texas who lost work due to the SXSW cancelation - link

National Association of Latino Arts and Culture - link


7. Sector-specific information and advice:

Kindly follow this link for this subsection. 


8. Pay the artists / cultural venues / organisations:

Artist Relief Tree - link

France: Documentations: Annulez tout ! Payez tout le monde ! - link (FR) / link (EN)

In Hungary, spectators in solidarity with the artists, waive the reimbursement of their seats - link


9. Some news and initiatives coming from Asia:

◊ We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces. A Chronus Art Center Special Online Exhibition - link

◊ China residencies: information - link

◊ COVID-19 and the arts in Southeast Asia (27 March 2020) - link

Cautious reopening of cultural spaces in East Asia (19 March 2020) - link

The coronavirus is shaking up the world's art market in unexpected ways - link

China, South Korea and Japan start to reopen museums (13 March) - link

New Online Platform for Art in Hong Kong (news via ifacca)

ART Power HK launches online activation of art events via Culture360 - link


10. Articles and other resources:

◊ The financial battlefield called corona - link

◊ Reshaping Zagreb Intensive: How We Switched From Physical to Digital - link

How to facilitate a remote brainstorm with 60 people? Tips from a remote conference part of the RESHAPE Creative Europe project - link

Hyperallergic: A daily report on how COVID-19 is impacting the art world - link

Self made list of contacts, resources (by shesaid.so, Aware) - COVID Resources sharing - link

Italy: Live music in time of Coronavirus - link

Theatre in Italy at the time of Coronavirus - link (via IETM*)

Museums in Europe at the time of Coronavirus - link

11. Some ideas for when you're stuck at home:

Events and projects: 

◊ Versus Virus Online Hackaton - link

◊ Arts everywhere call for submissions - link

 Quarantine residency - link

TransCultural Exchange -  Free, Virtual, International Art Exchange - link

TransArtists wants your stories - link

Covideo 19 Art: a video a day. 3 international curators. Focus on the Global South - link

La Strada: The graz Vigil - link

Digitale Plattform Berlin (A)live - link

#CodevsCovid19, an event on 27 March 2020 - link

An online pop-up exhibition connecting people through the arts - link

Chengdu Nongyuan International Art Village: International Art Exhibition (China) - link

Create to connect - link

Stay at Home: Online Music Festival and Online Calendar - link

 “Empty Cities” a direct streaming in which anyone with a microphone and a recorder can participate - link

Art in quarantine - Open call - link

The quarantine chat (developed by two tech-savy artists) - link

The social distancing festival - link

Festival des Arts Confinés - link

Wajdi Mouawad, directeur de La Colline, Paris: Journal de Confinement - link


Artists and Climate Change: Tell us your coronavirus story - link


Virtual visits / projects / downloads / streaming: 

EUNIC members' online offerings - link

Theatre Resources For Isolation - link

Spain: #LaCulturaenTuCasa - link

France : ministère de la Culture, #culturecheznous - link

Croatia:  list of local art events and collections which are available online by the Croatian Ministry of Culture - link

The Netherlands: International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam: free access - link

Virtual visits of museums - link

Daily live streaming by the Vienna Opera (starting on 15 March 2020) - link

Online cultural events (Portugal and International) - link

Download of free coloring books from 113 museums - link


MOOC and online learning:

◊ The MOOC Create in public space (identical to the first session) is to be re-opened from Monday 30 March for one month - link

MOOC Festivals in Transtion - link

MOOC Prévention et réduction des risques en miliie festif - link

Future learn (on various subjects including Covid19 related issues) - link

Develop online meetings and contents: Ways of Gathering in the Age of COVID-19, A Guide to Livestreaming on HowlRound TV by Howlround* - link

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online Collections - link

Teaching Theatre Online: A Shift in Pedagogy Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak - link

Cours gratuits en ligne par 190 universités - link

On the Move's library and resources - link


And on funding: 

On the Move's cultural mobility funding guides - link

On the Move's upcoming deadlines - link

US mobility funding (compiled by Creative Capital) - link