Festival Opera Prima > Call for Experimental Theatre and Performing Arts Projects (Italy)


The 16th edition of Festival Opera Prima will take place 10-13 September 2020 in Rovigo, Italy.

Born in Rovigo in 1994 under the artistic direction of Teatro del Lemming, Festival Opera Prima brought critical attention to a new theatrical generation which, during the 90s, had been completely excluded from the Italian theatre scene. Opera Prima became a ‘home’ and a reference point for this generation (which soon proclaimed itself the ‘Generation of the Invisible Theatres’).

Following this history, the 2020 edition of Opera Prima wants to host and thereby strengthen the multiplicity of trends and research paths in the contemporary theatre scene. The current call for entries is open to Italian and international groups or artists that practice experimental theatre in the sense of experimenting with: a scenic language separate from text-based work; a redefinition of the scenic space; the reformulation of the role and the gaze of the spectator; an original actors’ training; or a deep connection between the actors, the company and its poetic style.

All expenses and practices concerning organisation, communication, staff, promotion of the event will be in charge of the organisation of the Festival. Each selected company will be paid an agreed upon fee (including travel costs) and will be guaranteed the possibility of staying at an affiliated guest house (just for the people working in the performance).

Deadline: 31 March 2020

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