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Since its opening in 2001, the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) has continued to focus its activities on an Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program while interweaving ample opportunities for exchange, which include exhibitions, workshops, and talks between artists, students, and the local community. The ACAC has a unique exhibition gallery space, and until now, it has been mandatory for resident artists to participate in an exhibition during period of approximately three months. This has been the defining feature of the ACAC AIR program—a continuous process of production, presentation, and visitor response.

Number of Participants
6–10 participants (Including two participants recommended by artist-in-residence host institutions outside of Japan)

Program Schedule
Residence Period: The period of stay at the ACAC must be chosen from the following terms between June 17 (Wed)) and September 22 (Tue), 2020. You must select at least one and up to seven terms.

1.June 17(Wed)―June 30 (Tue)
2.July 1(Wed)―July 14 (Tue)
3.July 15 (Wed)―July 28 (Tue)
4.July 29 (Wed)―August 11 (Tue)
5.August 12 (Wed)―August 25 (Tue)
6.August 26 (Wed)―September 8 (Tue)
7.September 9 ―September 22 (Tue)

Travel expenses
THE ORGANIZER will pay the following travel expenses according to the Aomori Public University’s regulations:
A one-time round trip economy class air ticket from the international airport which is nearest to the Artist’s home to Aomori airport (or flight fare + railway fare to Aomori).
A railway fare to Aomori (one time round trip) from the train station nearest to the Artist’s residence.
*The ORGANIZER provides travel expenses after the ARTIST arrival.
*From overseas the amount payable is up to 150,000JPY, for domestic travel it is up to 70,000JPY.
* The residence means the place for tax payment.
*The ORGANIZER does not provide the travel expense coming back to Japan for Japanese artist.
* The expense for the transportation of goods or materials must be paid by the Artist.

Activity Expenses
THE ORGANIZER will provide 40,000JPY per term in production expenses, in which is included fees for material, employment, research, transportation, display and putting away of exhibition etc (provided that THE ORGANIZER accepts their necessity).

Exhibition-related Event Expenses
If an ARTIST holding an exhibition also organizes a separate exchange program, THE ORGANIZER will provide 50,000 yen for exhibition-related event expenses.

(for currency exchange, please check: www.xe.com)

Deadline: 31 January 2020

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