LEAP Collective / KÉK > The Art of Joining: Teamwork (Hungary)

Teamwork is an exhibition and a workshop series organised by LEAP Collective and KÉK which builds on research into the work of architect Konrad Wachsmann. Born in Frankfurt/Oder in 1901, Wachsmann was a visionary proponent of technological progress in architecture, a cause he promoted widely until his death in Los Angeles in 1980. After WWII, Wachsmann’s scientific and collaborative approach to architecture became the predominant element in his pedagogical and design methods. Between summer schools in Austria, seminars in Japan, and lectures in the US, Wachsmann developed innovative models for team-based learning, simultaneously designing new forms of collaboration and architecture.

The Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre together with LEAP Collective invites contributions to the workshops accompanying the exhibition The Art of Joining: Teamwork.

Taking place 10-11 December 2019 at KÉK Budapest, the two-day workshop aims to create a platform for the exchange of knowledge on historical and contemporary collaborative practices in architecture and design. The organisers welcome contributions from groups and individuals in any form, conceived in relation to the three thematic sections of the workshops: Factory (‘How do we work cooperatively?’); Network (‘How do we organise?’); and School (‘How do we learn together?’).

Contributions to the workshops can relate to practices of teamwork and collaboration in the fields of architecture and design, as well as contemporary debates and individual experiences. The format of contributions is open: the organisers welcome talks, case study presentations, methodology discussions, visual essays, film and audio recordings. The outcomes of the workshops in forms accepted by contributors will be incorporated into the exhibition Teamwork with an acknowledgment of the shared authorship. Workshop collaborators who are interested in editing and exhibition design are invited to take part in the installation of the expanded exhibition from 12-13 December 2019.

There is a budget for travel/accommodation costs that will be shared with early applicants.

Deadline: 7 December 2019

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