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Roundabout Europe is building a European circuit of residencies and festivals of outdoor arts, targeting artistic companies that are either emerging or are at a turning point in their artistic development. The project has had a successful first edition. Five different artists or groups worked on a performance in different countries. Next year, five new artists have the chance to experience this wonderful opportunity.

Outdoor arts festivals
Roundabout Europe was created by five main partners who all are directors of respectable outdoor arts festivals from around Europe: Imaginarius from Portugal, KoresponDance festival from Czech Republic, Out There from the United Kingdom, Passage Festival from Denmark and Spoffin Festival from The Netherlands. Spoffin is the coordinator of the project.

They have teamed up with the aim of reinforcing capacity building of outdoor arts and making it well recognised art form that offers artistic companies a solid career and access to new audiences, networks and markets. Their goal is to empower artists to make their work more professional, self-critical, sustainable, economical and profitable without losing artistic values.

Workshops, coaching and inspiration
Each selected artist or artistic company is invited to do two residencies in different countries, and there will be a special focus, depending on their needs and wishes. Besides having time to work really focused on their performance, artists are offered several workshops and coaching sessions: practical, artistic and inspirational ones. The results of the residencies are presented at the festivals of the partners. Some will be full performances, others will be work in progresses.

It’s not only a residency, coaching and workshops they will receive: it’s also a great opportunity to find a new network from artists and professionals. Roundabout Europe makes sure the five selected artists are introduced to each other and are able to create their own new network. They will also be connected with the first five artists who entered Roundabout Europe. A great opportunity, both artistically as well as building a new network and audience.

Only artists based in countries eligible for Creative Europe can apply: all EU member states plus Norway, Iceland, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North-Macedonia, Serbia and Tunisia. Roundabout Europe will be responsible for the travel costs (up to a agreed maximum), accommodation and meals during the residencies. Furthermore the project offers per residency a budget of € 1000 as a contribution to the production costs or as a small fee for the participants.

Deadline: 15 December 2019

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