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Freemuse is an international human rights organisation defending artistic freedom. Freemuse has UNECOSOC consultative status and is generally regarded by the UN, international organisations and partners as the world’s leading NGO in the field of freedom of artistic expression and creativity.

Freemuse monitors and documents violations of artistic freedom and expose laws and policies that enable and sustain these violations. We leverage evidence-based advocacy for systemic structural changes at the international, regional and national levels working with partners, artists, and activists in the global south and north. Freemuse campaigns for and supports individual artists, focusing on women artists at the international and national levels. We facilitate and grow locally owned national coalitions to defend artistic freedom and support their campaign and capacity building.

Freemuse has main offices in Copenhagen and Oslo. Freemuse has at the moment one staff in Brussels in a shared office space with EDRi, Access Now and Civil Liberties. The Project Manager will work from Brussels and in cooperation with the main offices in Oslo and Copenhagen. Furthermore, Freemuse has staff in other countries such as England, Serbia, Morocco and Lebanon.

Deadline: 17 November 2019

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