U-mkt Open Call (Taiwan)

U-mkt was initially established in 1935 as Xintomicho Foodstuff Market, and assigned as the City Monument of Taipei in 2006. The structure is renovated by the Taipei City Market Administration Office. After acquiring the nine-year operation right, JUT Foundation (hereinafter called ‘U-mkt operator’) embarked on the reuse and the management of the market spaces, as the third base of the Project UrbanCore, and the place is fully operational in 2017.

With its material contexts preserved, U-mkt transfigures the role of a traditional market into a study base of traditional market culture and daily life, also an open platform for reviving old towns.

The goals of U-mkt are as below:
1. To transform this market to be a space for food education.
2. To make this historic site to be a basis for social issue discussion.
3. To form this venue to be a platform communicating the local and communities external to it. 


1. The applicant must be over 18 years of age at the time of submission, engaged in the  fields of culture, art, design, architecture, urban studies or urban & rural development, either apply as an individual, group or incorporated association. There are no limits on nationality. 
2. Proposals which are abide by main ideas of U-mkt would be considered with priority. Proposals are supposed to be involved with (but not limited) issues of traditional markets in Taiwan or other countries, studies of local & folk culture, studies of urban regeneration, regional revitalization, etc.
3. There is no limit on forms. Any long-term, creative ways to display such as an exhibition/performance are all welcome. The content and method of display must not violate any principles and restrictions of the venue. 
4. The exhibition/performance should be proposed with the intention of non-profit and appropriate for the public in principle, and its show time must be on no less than 56 days abide by schedule announcement.

There are specific financial conditions but an overall production fee of TWD 50,000 is offered (equivalent in euros: 1,480 euros)

Deadline: 16 October 2019

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