VisionarIAs International Open Call (Spain)

VisionarIAs is a project from the Fundación Zaragoza Ciudad in collaboration with the Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, forming part of the European Laboratory for ARTificial Intelligence, co-financed by the Creative Europe programme from the European Union.

The organisers are accepting applications from artists for the VisionarIAs programme. A total of 3 residencies, each lasting between one and two months, will be made available to artists from around the world. Residencies are to be held between January and March 2020 at the Etopia centre for Art and Technology in Zaragoza, Spain. The work produced will make up part of the VisionarIAs exhibition, which will be held at the centre from May to October 2020, as part of the programme of activities offered by the European Laboratory for ARTificial Intelligence.

The link between creativity and AI is already well established. What the organisers are looking for in this open call is to add another dimension to this dynamic, in which they can explore the concepts of vision and visuality in relation to the creativity of machines, as well as the impact this has on artistic creation. Our senses are the way we access the physical world, and from our experience of the tangible, our creativity grows. One of the traditional functions of art is the remaking, or recreation of, reality. With VisionarIAs, the organisers want to compare machine vision with human vision, and investigate how differences between the two manifest themselves when creating, or recreating, a world view.

This open call is for artists and creators that want to create work or develop projects that, as stated above, exist within the field of

  •     Vision and visuality of machines

  •     Creativity and Artificial Intelligence

Each selected artist will receive:

  •     A fee of €2000

  •     A maximum of €2000 for production costs

  •     A residence in Etopia lasting no more than 60 days, to be held between January and March 2020

  •     Full board (to be arranged with management)

  •     Access to Etopia’s production facilities

  •     Scientific and technical assessment

  •     Exhibition of the work, alongside other national and international creators, in an exhibition beginning in May 2020.

  •     The chance to promote your work along with the rest of the institutions that make up the European Laboratory for ARTificial Intelligence.

Deadline: 4 November 2019

Find all details online (scroll down for English)