Open Call for Art and Technology Residency (Serbia, Turkey, UK and Greece)

Connect for Creativity art and technology residency will bring artists from Turkey, the UK, Greece and Serbia together to build bridges and empathy within and across societies. The artists will be asked to question what hopes and fears are associated with rapidly changing work and life environments in contemporary society, how a networked culture can develop cohesion and deal with uncertainty and change.

The residency will be a catalyst for raising the awareness of immersive and digital for art across Europe, and strengthen their ability to make and collaborate on international projects now and in the future. One of the ambitions of the residency is to focus on intercultural collaborative experience.

The residencies will run for six weeks full time and simultaneously in Athens, Belgrade and Istanbul. Four participants for each location will be selected from each of the participating countries through an open call.

The curatorial statement for the art and technology residencies will be developed by a curator. Residency participants will be asked to respond to the curatorial statement through their own perspective and practice. They will work individually and/or in small groups. At the end of the six weeks, the participating artists will showcase newly created artworks at each residency location for approximately two weeks, and a final exhibition in the UK.

The organisers  are looking for established and emerging artists from the following disciplines: Architecture, Visual Art, Performing Arts, Design, Literature, Music/Sound and Video/Film/New Media with an interest in cross-disciplinary international collaborations.

The residency is aimed at accommodating artists from different levels of technology – artists must demonstrate a genuine interest in cross-disciplinary international collaborations to be part of their future work.

The organisers welcome applicants from Turkey, the UK, Greece and Serbia.

A group of 12 artists (four participants from each partner country for each location) will be selected from an open application process via Connect for Creativity website.

Different costs are covered including travel fares and a 600 euros fee per participant.

Deadline: 28 July 2019

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