New Theatre Institute of Latvia > Open call for a Festival School ‘Memory of Place’

The Homo Novus International Festival of Contemporary Theatre and artist collective TAAT are looking for participants for the 3rd edition of the Festival School Memory of Place. They seek ten young professionals who are motivated and interested in collective practice, scenography, and encounter as a spatial experience.

The organisers will work together designing and making HALL07 – a spatial dramaturgy for a deserted school building – which will comprise of a theatrical experience for two people who haven’t met before but will encounter each other through a sequence of spaces (or scenes). HALL07 will be facilitated by the members of TAAT collective – architect Breg Horemans (NL), artist Gert-Jan Stam (DE), dramaturg Sodja Lotker (CZ), former HALL participants Ieva Gaurilčikaite (LV), Goda Verikaite (NL), scenographer Dominic Huber (CH), and will be open to the general public on 10-13 September. They will maintain and run the artwork during these days together.

Who can apply?
Young professionals from performing arts and other fields with a transdisciplinary mindset and a specific interest in the dramaturgy of space. Participants shall commit to fully participate in all school activities. The school will be conducted in English.

When and Where?
September 3 – 14 2019 in Riga, Latvia.

What we offer?
– an intense research and co-creation experience
– practical work designing and building HALL07
– access to the festival programme and encounters with festival artists
– a scholarship covering travel and shared accommodation
– collective lunch and dinner

Deadline: 17 June 2019

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