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Creativity has had a crucial impact on today's inter-connected world. Co-creation and open sources have transformed contemporary innovation and production processes. The maker movement, creative hubs and fab-labs are at the centre of these developments and are rapidly spreading, but their development has not been paralleled by full interconnection between the centres concerned. 

Several relevant initiatives are being funded under different EU programmes such as Erasmus+, Creative Europe, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund (ESF), Horizon, Cosme, i-Portunus and other initiatives. Mobility is an ideal way to strengthen networks and to encourage innovation and co-creation among them. Meeting other innovators and creatives working in different hubs and maker-spaces is an important factor in making collaboration a success.

The 2019 Annual Work Programme for the implementation of the Pilot Project ‘A first step towards a European framework for the mobility of makers’ foresees the launch of a call for proposals funded under Budget Line 15 02 77 24, with a maximum amount of €350,000 allocated to the development of an action addressing this specific objective.

The general objective of this pilot project is to define and test policies and actions supporting mobility and the exchange of experience between the cultural and creative industries, creative hubs, maker-spaces, fab-labs; formal and non-formal learning, and skills development systems in a cross-sectoral way.  The pilot project is intended as a first step towards developing a European Framework aimed at boosting the mobility of makers, as well as exchange of good practices.

The grant agreement resulting from this call for proposals will be allocated to one single project. The duration of the project shall be 18 months and will start at the beginning of 2020. 

The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of projects foreseen under this call for proposals is EUR 350 000. The call budget will be allocated to one single project. The support of a project for cultural and creative industries shall be at the center of this action. The financial contribution from the Commission cannot exceed 80% of the total eligible costs.

Deadline: 12 August 2019

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